The Alabama Consortium for Technology and Learning (ALACTL) is a member service organization that provides opportunities for collaboration, resource sharing and achieving economies of scale in procurement of instructional technology resources. Principle Membership in the ALACTL is open to all institutions included in the Alabama Community College System but virtually anyone affiliated with higher education can be involved. 

Membership requests or inquiries should be sent with contact information to


Benefits and Categories

Active participation in the ALACTL and its activities provides access to information and professional development activities related to instructional technologies and distance learning. This includes opportunities to build relationships that empower members with ideas, best practices, and other information that directly affect their institutions. 


Benefits /Membership Level Strategic Partner Associate Membership Core Membership Principal Membership
Available to Individuals Affiliated with Higher Education X
Available to Community Colleges in Alabama X
Available to Colleges within Four-Year institutions in Alabama X
Available to Educational Content, Technology, and Services Providers X
Membership Requires Annual Fee $500 $0 $250 $250
Access to Consortium Communication Channels X X X X
Access to Product and Service Discounts via Consortium Agreements X X
Access to the Members-Only Content X X
Executive Board Voting Rights and Participation X
Free Registration for Professional Training Sessions and Workshops X X
Free Registration to ALACTL Conference Events X X X
Management Board Voting Rights and Participation X X
Member listing on ALACTL Website X X X
Networking and Collaboration X X X X